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So where did the theatre come from in my life, my father mainly and my mother taking me to the Westend every year, who says your parents don't influence you! I spent around 5/6 years attending The Lincoln Theatre Royal School of Performing Arts, which was learning to sing, dance and act. I performend in a massive theatre with various shows, sung with Alvin Stardust (oh ask your parents on that one) and won a sining award. But then backstage came into my life and during school I worked at Sleaford Playhouse on lighting and backstage, from there I have worked various sound and lighting gigs and also being Stage Manager for Heckoington Players (yep I belong to 2 drama groups, in 2 places). But the stage was calling me back and so I made a reapperance to the stage, perfoming in many different shows in different venues and with different groups. I prefer a good comedy although I have played some serious parts (challenging) but comedy is my place, really it is, but don't let that put you off.

So what can you find here, well below you can see what show I am currently working on, could be one or I could be doing two shows at the same time, not unheard of. Also a little gallery of photos from shows and a little porfolio just to help show off.
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Callum is not currently appearing in any shows.

Please click here to visit a small gallery of photos from shows I have performed in.

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Here you can find links to acting website which contain's more information and also a quick simple list of the shows I have been in, characters played and more.

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