"Drums, Drums and more guitar and piano"

From a young age I started bashing things around (the begining of my drumming life) by the time I was 8 I had a full on drum kit and was learning to play them, hmmm play them so they sounded good shall we say, fast forward to when I was 20 I was grade 7 in drums, had played in the variety of bands including rock and brass and picked up guitar and piano along the way. So music is still a major part of my life and I have plenty of projects and ideas still yet to be achiveved.

So what can you find here, well below you can see a selection of videos. Also a selection of porfolio's just to help show off.


Here you can find a selection of videos which range from covers to messing around with various instruments. More can be found on my Youtube Channel Here Click Here





Here you can find links to portfolio websites which contain's more information and also a quick simple list of shows and other music related projects.

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