On and Off the Stage

Through out my life I have been interested with acting and also all the backstage work that goes on. This has lead to me not only attending a Theatre School but also to head up many backstage roles over the past few years.

Current Shows

Here you can view any shows that I am currently involved whether its from an acting point of view or if I am working backstage.

Shows I have Performed In...

Below you can see a gallery of some of the shows I have been in and also a portfolio.

Acting Portfolio

Here you can find a list of all the shows I have acted in and also you can see a list of characters to which I played.

Shows I have work backstage on...

During the past few years I have worked on many different shows and job roles have included Lead Lighting Designer and also Stage Manager. Please see the portfolio below to see more.

Acting Links

Below are some links which will take you to my casting and acting profiles, here you can see a selection of work I have done plus a range of media.